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    Серийные задние акустические подиумы для Honda Gold Wing.
    Зачем нужна дополнительная музыка на Honda Gold Wing?


    Ready rear speakers podium for Honda Gold Wing.

    Good news for all owners of Honda Gold Wing motorcycle and tuning studio.

    Honda Gold Wing Customization audio systems these luxury iconic superbikes become significantly easier and significantly cheaper. Moscow company «AvtoDop» (www.avtodop.com) led to the markets a fundamentally new tuning product — ready to back podiums for Honda Gold Wing GL-1800 A5-A13.
    The main problem that was able to solve skilled developer company is ready speakers podium authenticity. Model elaboration and casting quality, its structural precision (wall thickness maintained with minimal tolerances and the same everywhere), and the absolute identity of textures and meshes made podiums identical in style invoices and the quality of the original materials and finishes Honda Gold Wing. If the achieved level of authenticity owner for some reason are not satisfied, you can always modify it according to your choice: paint, leather-covered inlay or large diamonds.

    Finished back podiums for Honda Gold Wing GL-1800 A5-A13 are available for lovers of these motorbike today: the company offers kits already implemented in the material, without having to wait for backup and execution of orders.

    Ready rear speakers Honda Ggold Wing However, visual and tactile developmental work podiums not all that can be attributed to the merits of new items. Creating high-quality sound in terms of limitless space, that is, simply put on the street, the process is technically complicated. As the primary method of improving the sound in this situation is to increase the output power, the solution of this problem rests primarily in the correct selection of components, especially speakers.
    The fact that the acoustic system capable of operating at high power, this should be at a minimum and the unevenness of the frequency characteristics to make as small as possible distortions.
    Therefore, of the other features Ready rear speakers podium from the company AvtoDop important to note that they are much lighter and have a more effective volume primarily in comparison with heavy composite competitors.

    Gold Wing Greater internal volume (about 3.5 liters) design allows you to select and install an uncompromising, high-quality acoustics really diameter up to 13 inches (5»). On ease of installation technology company AvtoDop worked as carefully. Honda Gold Wing motorcycle he was special throughout. This is the legend of Japanese motostroyeniya. This self-contained cult thing epicenter pride in ownership and respectful attention of others. Owner reliable, convenient and high-speed cruisers personally engaged in its tuning — a real pleasure worthy of a connoisseur. A fan of the incomparable Gold Wing can working with a new audio system for days and weeks, delving into a lot of nuances and reaching new limits of audio perfection. Nevertheless, we made the most optimized the whole process of installation. Time to install the required no more than the installation of any tuning for the Honda Gold Wing. Finished back podiums for Honda Gold Wing GL- 1800 A5-A13 is possible to buy at very reasonable, affordable price.

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